A Bench for the Peace Watch

The Peace Watch has been keeping the watch in front of Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen since October 2001 – that’s more than 6.500 days. They keep their watch to remind the Danes that we went to war at the turn of the century – for the first time since 1864. In 2018 the Watch gratiously […]

How to use the UN Sustainability Goals

The 17SDGs – getting practical… To implement the policy level SDGs in your business is a daunting task —17 main goals and 169 sub-goals – it’s… a lot. Consider this though, The SDGs is a present to humanity from The United Nations, a present that could save us all — nothing less. If we, the human […]

Kids Bench for the Marionet Theatre in Copenhagen

We’ve just delivered 30 benches for the Marionet Theatre in central Copenhagen. The bench is designed for a long stable and highly functional out-door life. Designed by NATiON and produced by Out-Sider.dk. Frame in galvanised powder coated steel and seat in Kebony boards.  Contact Out-Sider for details. The bench is dedicated to Eline.

Open Design: Basic Bench 2018

The Basic Bench is a simple, yet sturdy, bench for your cabin or patio. You’ll need a simple hand saw, a screwdriver and about 32 40mm screws. Sand down the seat to avoid splinters. Finish the piece with paint, oil or wax – at the very least treat the bottom 10cm of the legs for […]

50 Lamps to Take Away exhibition from Dec. 1st to 17th in Copenhagen

UPDATE: 50LtTA received an honorary award from The Danish Arts Foundation. 50LtTA is a very personal take on the design market and a possible future for the practice of design. Designs are presented as donationware. You download the designs you want and pay what you consider them to be worth. Officinet, Bredgade 66, Copenhagen 1260 […]


For godt halvandet år siden blev jeg opmærksom på byrummets sårbarhed overfor skruppelløse galninge, som benytter køretøjer som våben mod civile. Mange, mange skitser og adskillige ulykkelige begivenheder senere, står OBSTRUCT som resultat af denne opmærksomhed. OBSTRUCT er tegnet til alle de indbyggere i byområder, som ser deres byrum spoleret af identitetsløse betonblokke kastet med […]