Turtle og Chunk | Turtle and Chunk

NATiON og KSA Design har skabt to nye produkter for Urbastyle i Belgien.

Turtle – en betonbænk til 4-6 personer.

Chunk – en lille pullert med mulighed for belysning eller staffering i stål.

Begge produkter er produceret i den ypperlige kvalitet som kendetegner Urbastyle.

Billeder mangler endnu på Urbastyle.com – hent 2014 kataloget på forsiden – heri finder du begge produkter.


NATiON and KSA Design have created two new products for the Belgian company Urbastyle.

Turtle – a bench in concrete for 4-6 persons.

Chunk – a small bollard featuring lighting or a steel ribbon.

Both products are produces in the superb quality that Urbastyle is known for.

You can find Turtle and Chunk in the Urbastyle 2014 catalogue

Turtle bænk/bench

Turtle bænk/bench

Turtle bænk/bench

Turtle bænk/bench


Chunk Pullert/bollard

Chunk Pullert/bollard

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